TalkTalk Simply Broadband: What is Included?

talktalk1TalkTalk is currently offering unlimited broadband service to customers who would like to order internet connection services for their home. In addition, the company offers pay television and mobile phone and device services as well. The Simply Broadband plan is designed to appeal to a large number of consumers. However, each person will want to know exactly what is included in the monthly price that is paid for this service. The following information covers the current services that are included, but for the most recent information, it is best to contact TalkTalk directly.

Special offers come and go, and are often being modified, but as of this writing TalkTalk is offering free broadband service for a period of one year, with service costing £7.50 a month after the introductory period has passed. While the service remains free, as well as when it costs, a £17.70 monthly line rental fee will apply. At the moment, new customers are provided with a £50 Love2shop voucher when ordering internet service. Contact TalkTalk customer service to request information regarding current deals if you are interested in ordering service for the first time.

The Simply Broadband service offers unlimited broadband with download speeds up to 17Mb. Those who want even faster speeds are encouraged to ask about Fibre internet service, which is up to ten times faster than standard broadband. There are no usage caps and no speed reductions, even during the peak usage hours. A free router is provided to new customers and this will be delivered to your home for self-installation. TalkTalk technical assistance is available if you need help with installing the router or troubleshooting any issues that appear after it has been installed.

Pay as you go calls are also included. This allows you to make calls from home via your internet connection and be billed for each call in accordance with the current rates. TalkTalk customer service can point you in the direction of a complete list of all the current rates. All calls to other TalkTalk customers are included at no cost. It is possible to add optional phone boosts, such as international calls (starting at £2.50 a month) and unlimited calling (currently £5 a month). Phone service is provided standard, but there is never any obligation to use the service if you would rather not pay for calls.

SuperSafe Boost from F-Secure comes standard and is provided for one device. This service offers advanced banking protection, while also protecting your devices from viruses, online fraud, spam, and other threats. A Homesafe website filter is also included. This tool is not limited to only one device, and can be used to protect any device that is connected to your home Wi-Fi setup. SuperSafe Boost, which will provide protection for up to eight different devices, can be added to your service plan for a cost of £2 extra a month. As with phone service, this is optional, but most choose to take advantage of the protection services that are offered.